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Adopt Me: Cory – gecastreerd reutje 8 maanden

Cory 8 maanden, reutje. Gecastreerd.


Dit is Cory. Cory komt uit Roemenië en heeft misschien al veel ontberingen meegemaakt. Dat neemt niet weg dat het een schat van een knuffel is. Hij wil graag aandacht en wil graag dicht bij je zijn. Aan de riem wandelen vindt hij nog eng, dat oefenen we elke dag. Cory woont nu bij ons een pleeggezin met drie opgroeiende meiden en met een andere hond (Jessie, die iets groter is dan Cory). Cory is van Stichting Straydogs te Ridderkerk. Deze non-profit organisatie redt hondjes uit de mediterrane landen: daar hebben ze geen overlevingskans meer. Maar hier des te meer. Het enige wat we moeten doen is een fijn fur-ever home voor ze vinden. Voor Cory kan dat geen probleem zijn, want als je hem ziet, wil je hem zo hebben. En dat kan! Hij is nog maar pas bij ons gezin en heeft bij Straydogs bij de andere hondjes gezeten tot nu toe. Omdat hij wat klein is, kon hij zich niet goed laten gelden. Het is echt een huishond, een gezellige…. Als hij wat langer bij ons is, kunnen we ook onderzoeken of hij boswandelingen en dergelijke leuk vindt. Nu mag hij eerst nog even aan ons wennen!!

Cory is van juli 2017 en nu ongeveer 30-35cm hoog.

Cory, een "collie-mix"

Adopt-Me “Sheila”

Voor Nederlands: klik HIER

After Ziva had been happily adopted out, we took in Gilda. Gilda is a shy, damaged young dog. She was very scared to come with us, but once here, she enjoyed playing with Jessie. Before we got to know Gilda, she already had stolen the hearts of two lovely people somewhere east. They came and got her the next day. She is still a work-in-progress, but it is going better day by day. She is lucky to be on a farm with lots of space around her. Where she could flee anywhere she wanted to, she decided to stay on the farm. Good luck to Gilda!!

So here is our foster dog number 3: Sheila. Sheila is a two year old female dog. She is extremely friendly, is good with our Jessie and is now learning to run free through the woods AND come back to us when we want to. She is toilet trained, eats well, walks on a leash without any problems. We are trying to teach her not to jump “up” to whomever she thinks is really friendly. Hopefully soon, we will find someone who would like to take care of Sheila on a permanent base. Interested: place a comment below!!

Mooie witte hond

Mooie witte hond, aanhankelijk.

2 jaar oud

Zeer vriendelijk teefje

Wayling’s Dog Rescue or Wally’s??? 28/10/16

Dog Rescue all over again….  Voor Nederlands: ga naar “Lief Dagboek“.

In the five years in Australia, we fostered 26 dogs for Wally’s Doggie Rescue. They were Ben Ben, Tessy, Tango & Cash (also notoriously renamed as Hurricane & Tornado), Meggy, Zac, Poppy, Liza, Benny Big Ears, Mr Wilson…. well you get the point, no need to name them all. We did not only foster 26 dogs, we also re-homed 26 dogs (successfully, I might add), including our own foster-failure Dakota. She was adopted by our lovely neighbours John and Gaynor Hobart, long before we actually moved back to the Netherlands :) .

Once back in the Netherlands, we decided not to foster a dog, but to adopt our own dog straight away. Her name was Mona, but we now know her as Jessie. She is a darl and we still thank every day for letting her into our lives. However, after almost two years of having Jessie, our foster-genes rose back to the surface.

Well, this is where Straydogs Dog Rescue came in again. “Would they be in need of a foster family?” The answer was “How soon can you start?” So a few days later there was Ziva!

Unbelievably, she got adopted today already…. She now lives in Oud-Gastel. So we miss her terribly, not sure if Jessie shares those feelings :)

Tomorrow, we will pick up our second foster dog Gilda….. We will keep you posted!!!

And Cathy, if we ever get to name one ourselves….. its name will be Wally!! Male or female, we don’t care. Thanking you for passing on the foster-genes to us!!

Ziva, our first foster cutie

Home again! 29/08

We left Australia to go back to our other home a couple of weeks ago. So now we are home again: back in Dorst, The Netherlands. Australia has been fantastic for us and we have met some beautiful forever friends and family. It was hard saying goodbye, but at the same time it is wonderful to miss people, as this means there is love and it makes us long for reunion!

Since the 21st of August, we have proper WiFi-internet, TV and a landline at our new house. Thanks to our wonderful new neighbours, we have been able go online as they let us use their WiFi for the time in between. This was a great help and we have now spoken to Grandma Elsie (from Skype to landline – perfect!!), spoken to Cassie and the girls and of course John and Gaynor.  The girls obviously have been talking to their friends face-to-face through Skype and Facetime.

Sveva has perfectly settled in her new room. This time she is the one who does not have to share. Her two big sisters are sharing the attic room at their own request. Sveva has turned her room into a flower-jungle room and is decorating it with as much plants and vines as she can get her hands on (or mum can buy). She also has the balcony at the front of the house. She took some pictures of the view, which show the kind of terraced houses we live in at the moment.

At the same time the photos give you an idea of how far the tennis courts are from our house: see the trees on the right and the light poles? That’s it. So 1 minute walk. Additionally, you can see the “tiny cars” in our street. We have one like that now as well: so many Dutch people drive these small cars. I am sure it has something to do with the road tax and the fuel economy. Road tax is calculated of the weight of your car! So the heavier your car, the more you pay for standard Road Tax (opposite to a toll system mabye, where you pay more when you use the roads more). Besides that these small cars do not use a lot of fuel and fuel is very costly over here (€1.70/L, about $2.40!!). Alternatively, when Graham arrives, we will need a second car as we don’t all fit comfortably in the little one.

Tara has been to see her new school: it looked astonishing! It was a 22 minutes push bike ride, which she will have to ride every day to cover the 6.2km to the school. Return trip 12.4km, yep 44min total. Tara has been taken to the “School Campus” by aunty Marie-Claire. School Campus is not at school: it is the name for a special part of a shop where you buy all your school items in the school holidays. Tara did not have to buy her books. She has received a box with 19 books to use and to return to the school by the end of the year. The books cover subjects such as English, Dutch, Maths, Geography, History, Biology and French. Because the books aren’t ours, they all have to be covered with some sort of special wrapping paper, which can be taken off by the end of the year. So Tara and her mum have been covering and labelling books for one afternoon last week. This will be a new annual ritual for Tara! (and mum??)

The first day, Tara went to school in the rain: HELLO THE NETHERLANDS!! We will see how long she will “enjoy” riding her push bike. We already have done the course: “how to fix a hole in a tire”, as she had two flat ones in the first week she got her bike. Mum’s skills in this were rusty, but extant and now being passed on. Let’s hope she can do the next one herself.
In Tara’s class is another girl from overseas and from next week on, her and Tara will be given some extra Dutch lessons once a week, to catch up with the others. On Thursday, her school schedule ends at one o’clock; other days she will be in school till ten past three or 4 o’clock. On Tuesdays, she gets to sleep in: her roster starts at 9:20am then instead of the usual 8:30am!! Juna and Sveva start at 8:30am every day, come home for lunch -while mum is not working still- at 11:45am, then go back at 1pm to finish at 3:15pm. Except on Wednesday: that day does not have an afternoon session and thus they have the afternoon “off” from 12.15pm onwards!!

Juna and Tara both have started hockey training. Juna with Hockeyclub Gilze-Rijen (2km east of us) and Tara with Bredase Hockeyclub PUSH, which is on her way to school. Sveva will have a look at the local horse riding school next week, to see if she likes it….and can start horse riding lessons  (Is the pope catholic??? duhhh…).

Our last days in Australia were hectic, emotional and fun at the same time. Here’s a link to photos of our last day at Killarney Vale Public school shared on Google (if the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste in your address bar):

Patricia is still looking for a job. As soon as something changes, we will let you know here. Tuesday is her first job interview…. fingers crossend!!

That’s it for now folks, will catch ya later!

Xxxxxxx The Wayling-girls!!

As Graham is still in Australia… :(


Weerzien en afscheid

“Meeting Again and Saying Goodbye”

The Lease is up! New tenants will soon occupy the house that was our home for the last five and half years. It has been great and we will be sad to leave. Still, we leave out of our own choice: we want to! We want to reunite with the other family and friends we have been missing all those years. We didn’t expect to gain so many new friends and lovely family in the process. This causes another sad goodbye.

Last weekend, we enjoyed our last hockey REP weekend. And what a terrific weekend it was. For the first time in five years the team came home with a first place win: state champions in their division and we had two Wayling girls (Tara AND Juna) being a part of that. Very proud! 

We, but especially Tara and Juna, are going to miss this wonderful bunch of -talented-kids and their parents!! Let’s hope we meet again….

On the same weekend we also sadly said goodbye to Grandma Elsie and the other Wayling family members. We enjoyed a nice dinner together on the Saturday afternoon and had some good laughs… in order to hide the tears, I am guessing.

NL: tja, ons huisje hier wordt binnenkort verhuurd aan iemand anders. We hebben hier heerlijke jaren gehad, maar zien er naar uit weer terug te gaan naar onze familie en vrienden die we vijf en half jaar geleden achter ons lieten. Afgelopen weekend hadden we een super hockey weekend. Ze zijn meestal super, die REP (je regio vertegenwoordigen) Hockey weekenden, maar dit jaar sloten de dames Tara en Juna en hun teammaatjes het af met een 1e plaats. Een van hun speelsters heeft zich ook nog eens gekwalificeerd voor het “staatsteam”. Een grote eer! Het was best emotioneel, “de laatste…. ” dingen doen, maar we kunnen niet anders zeggen dan dat we ervan genoten hebben. Ook afscheid nemen van oma Elsie en de andere Waylings was “een lach en een traan”…..

The girls will have their last day in school on the 1st of August, to enjoy a bit of a holiday to then start the new school year in the Netherlands on the 25th of August: Juna and Sveva back to the Marcoen (group 8 and 6, equivalent to year 6 and year 4) and Tara to the bilingual high school De Nassau, First Class, which is Year 7.

We expect to keep on being happy, same as we were in the Netherlands before, same as we are now, in Australia. Having TWO HOMES is a burden as well as a blessing. It is a blessing because we have to places were we love people and are being loved and it is a burden for that same reason!!! Feeling sad to say goodbye is a blessing as this means LOVE is part of it: LOVE is an inextricable part of our lives…. How blessed are we???

XXXXX The Waylings


Soms beroeren beloftes om terug te komen de hele wereld…. In ons geval zijn er een paar mensen erg blij en een paar mensen heel verdrietig…. Terugkomst betekent in ons geval ook vertrek.

4 Augustus aanstaande zullen de Waylings ‘voorgoed’ terugkeren naar Nederland. Na ruim vijf jaar hier, lokt Nederland nog steeds. Familie, vrienden, het sociale leven, gezelligheid, sneeuw, echte kou, maar vooral ook een goed onderwijssysteem hebben ons ertoe overgehaald de knoop door te hakken. Wat hebben we het goed, hier en daar, daar en hier. Het maakt niet uit: gelukkig zijn we blijkbaar overal.

We hebben ontzettend veel gezien van het land. We zouden nog veel meer willen zien… maar dat kan altijd nog. Helaas of gelukkig hebben we hier ook ontdekt geweldige familie en fantastische nieuwe vrienden te hebben. Weer afscheid nemen, voorgoed, of in ieder geval voor lang. Maar we hebben tig vakantieadresjes natuurlijk!!!!!

We houden jullie op de hoogte. Heb je nog wat spullen die je van plan was “weg te doen”? Neem eerst ff contact op mijn zus: wie weet kunnen wij het straks goed gebruiken, want we beginnen gewoon weer opnieuw. Er gaat het een en ander mee op de boot, maar het meeste blijft hier: onze eerste (maar niet laatste) ‘garage sale’ hebben we al gehad!!

Groetjes van De Waylings

Graham, Patries, Tara(12), Juna(10), Sveva(9).



Terug naar huis!

Na vier weken super gezellig samenzijn, zijn Marie-Claire en Kim zojuist vertrokken naar huis. Graham, Tara, Juna en Sveva brengen ze naar het vliegveld, waar ze rond tien uur vanavond zullen vertrekken. Morgen rond 2 uur ‘s middags, NL tijd, zullen ze in Nederland aankomen.

En dan kan het huishouden weer terug keren naar zijn normale staat (na de Hollandse invasie van ongeveer 3 maanden!!!!). Bedden afbreken, tafel terug invouwen, iedereen weer in zijn eigen bedje…. sinds december vorig jaar!! Zelfs de (tijdelijke!) derde auto (7-zitter) kan weer op “marktplaats”. Maar het was het ALLEMAAL WAARD!! Wat hebben we genoten van Ria, opa en oma, en de laatste weken van Kim en Claire. We zullen jullie allemaal weer vreselijk missen en uitkijken naar onze volgende “reünie”!!!!!! Dat duurt helemaal niet zo lang meer. Die maanden vliegen zo voorbij.

Bedankt voor alles liefste zus, beste vriendin en bedankt allerliefste petekind!!

Tot snel allemaal!



Het natte seizoen slaat toe 30/01/14

Year 6 Formal… preparations…12/12/13

Tara is leaving Primary School and is getting ready for High School…. An End of Year Formal, including a visit to the hairdressers, is part of the customs….

Sint in Tumbi!!

Hij wist ons blijkbaar toch weer te vinden…..

Een kleine zak met een rijm en beloftes voor een ontmoeting op het Sinterklaasfeest aanstaande zaterdag bij Concordia EN een samenwerking met de kerstman!!
5/12 rijm van de Sint

Nog geen eens onderbroeken en sokken!! Die komen vast met kerst!!

En Opa was er ook bij….. een beetje…!!!!
Morgenavond komt Ria, dus die mag zaterdag mee naar het Sinterklaasfeest en volgende week kunnen we opa en oma een “echte knuffel” geven (geen computer knuffel)!!!! Woohooh!